5 Questions to ask a family lawyer before you hire them

Hiring a family lawyer is almost as hard as getting divorced. When you are faced with divorce, it’s always important to keep in mind that you don’t have to hire the first lawyer you come across. Selecting the proper lawyer that will take you through the divorce is of great importance in a divorce case. The best way to choose a divorce lawyer is to interview them face to face. The following list of questions should help you on your way.

  • How long have you practised family law?

This is perhaps the single most important question you should ask a family lawyer before hiring them. A lawyer fresh out of law school may be the best at reciting what the law says, word to word. But when it comes to the real world, everything is much more different and their reaction and response to what happens in court is crucial in having a favourable outcome.

  • What is your fee structure?

This step too is very important. You always check the affordability of that particular lawyer’s services, and how that lawyer requires payment. At the same time, get to know about the ways of payment (instalments, down payments etc.) and what you are required to pay for (court costs, hours spent in interview etc.).

  • How many cases have you taken in the past that had similar circumstances?

This is where you should not be shy. Ask the lawyer about his track record, how many cases he has won and lost. If he has had any cases that were similar to the circumstances that you face right now, it will be good to know whether he was able to face them successfully for a favourable outcome.

  • Do you think that there any others ways to solve my legal problem?

Going to court is a real hassle. You have to cancel all your plans and make that a priority. Most of us would simply like to avoid it. So it is good to ask your lawyer if there are any alternative ways to solve your case. These may be in the form of arbitration (getting an independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute) or maybe some other arrangement that does not require you to go to court. A good lawyer will generally analyse your case and inform you of the options available to you that will settle the case with a lower expense of time and money.

  • What do you think will be the outcome of this case?

It is always good to know whether the lawyer thinks there is a chance of the decision of the court being favourable or not. It is not that you are waiting to hear the “correct answer” when you ask that question. It is more of getting an honest opinion of your circumstances. If in the case you were facing a very hard divorce case, it is always good to know a forecasted outcome so that you are able to ready yourself for the decision when it actually comes.

Just keep in mind that the answers that each lawyer gives you will be vastly different and that nothing can be taken as a promise or guarantee. These questions are there to find out if that lawyer fits you. If you are in Vctoria and would like to consult a family lawyer in Melbourne, get in touch with Mirabellas Solicitors and know about them in detail.

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