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21st century brings the boom in the start-up industry, especially in Indian sub-continent. Everyone is looking forward to be an entrepreneur. There are millions and trillions of opportunities but with them we face billions of problems and issue. The very common issue for a start-up is costing and budget. Let’s start from the beginning. The very first stage is ‘idea’.  Once you have the idea you want to proceed with, the next part is, business plan. If you hire a professional business consultant, it will costs you lacs and for start-ups this is a big deal. Then you’ll need a logo for your brand. You’ll need a website, flyers, marketing material etc. You’ll need a legal consultant, you’ll need content writers etc. Let me remind you, this is just the beginning. And just to begin you need lacs. Don’t forget, you’ve just thought to be an entrepreneur and yet not become a profitable businessman.

This is the hardest part, starting a start-up and that’s why most of them outsource these jobs to freelancers including graphics designing, content writing, business plan etc. But believe me, professional freelancers are sometimes time taking and money taking. And this hardest part sometimes kills the best start-up idea. Thinking of this situation, a bunch of youngsters started up an online portal where you can get all these services at the cheapest price. You can get a logo at Rs 499. Get your website at Rs 1999. You may get a business plan at Rs 499 and the same way, get almost all professional services starting at Rs 499.

This amazing portal is none other than Here you can find around ten main categories including Graphics Design, Online Marketing, Video & Animation, Writing & Translation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Advertising, Business and Others. This includes all the needs of a start-ups. Serv499 offers several sub-categories under these main categories from where you can choose different services from different freelancers around the globe and you will get freelance jobs in India from us.

The only USP of serv499 is quality and cost. This platform has been designed keeping all the needs and requirements of start-ups and entrepreneurs. With this portal, services and traffic no one could even say that Serv499 is just few months old. I’m afraid what will happen to rest similar years old portals if a month old Serv499 is shining better than them.

I must suggest all start-up looking for freelancers to get your jobs done, you must land to May be it could take you to new level of expectations from life and new heights to your dream projects. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and taking decision was never. Don’t let your most innovative idea go in dump only because of few problems. Serv499 is there to grab your hand and pull you out of problems.

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