What To Look Out For When You’re Buying A New Home

When it comes to entering the housing market, there are a range of housing options that you can choose from. You are not limited to merely one type of property: you can purchase apartments, houses, mansions, units as well as old and builder-made luxury homes in Perth. It all comes down to a few factors: your finances, your lifestyle, what you want and which area you want to live in. On top of that, you have to figure out if you actually like the house you want!

Now, once you’ve found your house, are you ready to commit to it? Well, before you settle down, sign up the mortgage and move in, make sure you check your home for these important factors:

The Structure

Sure most homes look stunning from the outside, but will they hold firm inside? The structure of the home is very important. That is why you should look at the walls of the property (exterior and interior), the ceiling, the roof (more on that below) and the basement. The structure and the foundation of the home are vital for its safety and to ensure that you have no problems down the line.

The Roof 

One of the most important – and often neglected – parts of a home that you should be inspecting. Although roofs are stable and do last decades, you need to know if there is any potential for leaks, as this can arise to be a big problem down the line; forcing you to spend thousands on repairs or restorations.

The Water 

Can’t have a cold shower every night, can you? Is the water heater gas or electric and does it work well with your lifestyle? Call in a plumber and get some tips to see if your water heater is going to be providing you with that hot shower you crave.

The Heating & Air Conditioning 

Freezing in winter or melting in summer are the last things you want when you buy a home. Take a look at your heating and cooling systems and how they work. Will save you plenty of drama down the line.

The Kitchen & Bathroom 

You will be surprised to find that both the kitchen and bathroom are vital components of any home. They are the lifeblood and unlike other rooms in the house which can be adjusted to suit any lifestyle, kitchens and bathrooms function on their own. This means that repairing them can cost a lot if they are in poor condition. Take a look and see if you might need extra money for them down the line.

The Insulation

To secure the safety of your home, you should always look at the insulation system. Check your roof, ceiling, and attic to see if the insulation is strong and durable. The last thing you want is to spend money on making your home breath fresh air.

Make sure you take your time and inspect all these factors in your dream house. If they tick all the boxes and you’re ready to make the jump – then go for it! You can speak to the experts at Domination Homes. They have the best builder homes on the Australian market and will have the one that suits your lifestyle and your finances! Contact them so you can get your dream home! Contact us today!

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